Maintenance & Servicing

Maintenance & Servicing

Airedale Escalator Services can offer service routines on all types of escalators throughout the UK, with all escalator servicing being undertaken by fully-trained engineers.

Airedale Escalator Services will ensure that escalators are kept in excellent working condition, and reducing the risk of unexpected breakdown and ensuring that the escalator meet all health and safety requirements.

There can be dramatic consequences if an escalator is out of action during a busy working day. For contracted clients Airedale Escalator Services provide 24/7 engineer support & breakdown cover, in order to help get your escalator back in to service as soon as possible.

Escalators and walkways clearly must be kept clean both internally and externally clean & free of any debris, for aesthetic and health and safety reasons.This service will ensure that your escalators and lifts look as good as they should, whilst being free of any debris on the inside (which could be a flammable risk or cause damage to the internal components).

The servicing and maintenance of all escalators / walkways should be undertaken on a regular basis in order to ensure all parts and mechanisms are operating correctly. Ensuring your escalator systems are serviced regularly will undoubtedly reduce the amount of down time, also reduce the possible need for major repair works in the future and therefore also reduce the cost of running any escalator or walkway.

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